Weather in Southern California is Pleasant the Year Round

not much to pack in carry on luggage

California is very famous for its sunny nature. Anaheim, Orange County in Southern California is the perfect example of the typical climate of the region. It is just perfect with the pleasant warm sun in summer (time to head to the beach) and the enjoyable cold in winter.  You won’t need to pack much into your carry on luggage! It gets around 13 inches of rain and 0 inches of snow, but locals never complain! Insread, people here are ecstatic and celebratory round the year without the plastic posh of other famous beaches like Miami.

The genuinely pleasant weather in South California perhaps serves as a good incentive to the warm cordiality and kid-friendliness of the place. The feelings here are real, and always tuned up to the sunny side. You can find welcoming restaurants, wonderful free music, and a good amount of sportsmanship in the locals.

Anaheim representing South California

Average climate data show the city to enjoy the fabulous sun almost 300 days a year. It definitely serves as a good reason for tourists from the cold fringes and interiors visiting the location for a literally warm refreshment. The cordiality and pure fun in the place is also very heartwarming! It gets the hottest in July, with almost 82 degrees. Even in January, it is not that cold with an average temperature of 45 degrees.

There is also something called the comfort index in weather estimation. It assigns a value within 100, with increasing numbers describing better comfort than the low values. Anaheim ranks at 54, more comfortable than the average 44. The weather in Southen California makes it one of the best places to travel.

Some baggage tips

Essentially, all these mean that you do not have to stuff much winter clothes in your carry on luggage even during the usually cold months. This eases the travel weight significantly, as any vacationer can enjoy Anaheim with a light bag to tow. However, you need to choose a good bag though. California is very fashion conscious, and people can be judgmental on how you carry yourself. A cheap bag does not serve much to elevate your scrutinized status.

You need to find some really good-looking fancy vacation bags to get in tune with the Anaheim vibes. Find a resourceful site that can help you well in finding the right carry on luggae. Look up the luggage sets section as they have the fanciest stuff. Besides, the sets are the best buys for the family vacation trips Anaheim is so famous.

A brief yearly weather breakdown

  • January to March: The weather is moderately cool with a light drizzle occasionally. In fact, this season can be the best time to visit Anaheim simply because the kids stay largely busy at schools. As a reasult, Disneyland has less crowds (hence short queues), and hotels offer good discounts. It is also a good time to catch the Anaheim Ducks with their icy excitement.
  • April and May: The crowds begin to catch up slowly and so do the hotel rates.
  • May to September: This is the peak season in Anaheim as it rounds up all major national holidays. Parents also find the perfect time to present their kids with a fabulous theme park trip.
  • October to December: The crowds begin to thin down again, presenting great travel chances for the vacationer expecting short queues at the theme parks.


Great Experiences Await You in Anaheim

Anaheim in Southern California is a fascinatingly exciting travel destination for family vacationers and sports enthusiasts. It is also a great place for the quick budget traveler looking for an ideal weekend getaway in the sunny city. Many couples from across America choose the city as a beautiful honeymoon destination for its wonderful beaches. Families with children find Anaheim the best place to take kids to the theme parks.

Besides the Disneyland complex, the Adventure City is also a favorite park with cool and safe attractions for the kids. Searching for what to do in Anaheim, you must plan a trip according to your preferences. The city has something for everyone, from the young’uns to the grownups! Check out the below list for a good idea on the things to do in Anaheim.

The Anaheim experience consists of:

  • Theme park excitement: If you just want to take your kids to the best vacation they deserve, just explore the different theme parks at Anaheim. There is definitely something special in this part of Orange County that makes it a big magical fairground of theme parks. You can just move around from one park to another, and some parks can actually take multiple days to explore.

Besides the two parks mentioned above, the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park is also a fabulous destination. Other parks include the Grizzly River Run, the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center, the Splash Mountain, and the World of Colors among others. Find a list of the parks and plan your trip accordingly. The Disneyland here is the original park made by the global entertainment service. Look up this fun video at the Splash Mountain.

Here is how the Mountain looks:

  • Beautiful beaches: There are several fabulous beaches in and around Anaheim, ranging from the serene to the crowded. The Huntington Beach is a popular one, but usually teenagers do not prefer to travel there with parents. Besides, it can be very busy with lots of people. The Seal Beach is the perfect place to take the kids. It is a nice, clean beach in downtown Anaheim. The Doheny Beach may take a little driving time to Dana Point, but is a very beautiful seafront. You can even find dolphins visiting you at Doheny. There are quite a few other seashores worth exploring.
  • Great sports fun: The Californian city has the Angel Stadium hosting major playoff baseball events. Just check the schedules, book your ticket, and plan a trip to the city. It is also a great place for different kinds of championship sports such as hockey. The city has its own professional teams holding world and divisional titles. It is also a great place for a wide range of water sports. Activities available here include surfing, kayaking, rollerblading, sportfishing, and stand up paddling. Of course, the bowling alleys and the go-kart racing locations are also popular things to do in Anaheim.
  • Great shopping and dining experience: Anaheim has some of the best shopping centers to shop until you drop and rise again to continue. The city also has several great restaurants and many of them are perfect for the budget travelers. Yoou can find nice eateries almost anywhere, but the ones at GardenWalk are among the most popular ones. Just head over to the nearest restaurant for great foods when all that shopping leaves you exhausted.

Selecting your Perfect Lodging from the Top 3 Hotels in Anaheim

Anaheim in Southern California is a vibrant vacation destination between Los Angeles and San Diego. The orange county is a sunny place with loads of attractions as theme parks, beaches, day trips, and great sports activities. Anaheim is also one of the best shopping destinations that you can find. Even if you are on a low budget friendly trip, the city has aplenty free (and almost-free) attractions to keep you busy. You can also find some greatly affordable, but mouthwatering dining experiences here.

Anaheim is a great place for the romantic couples and the family travelers alike (obviously, familes do not lack romance as well). You need to find a good place to stay. Planning a perfect itinerary is the ideal solution. Decide your accommodation according to your budget and preferences in the city. Find below a list of handy tips to choose from the top 3 hotels in Anaheim according to your personal preferences.

Choosing a hotel in Anaheim

  • Look at hotel reviews: This is the ideal option for the family vacationer. You can find several amazing travel forums on the net. Check out the actual experiences from people who stayed at the hotels. You can also decide depending on the rankings at the site.
  • Decide on your level of luxury: This perspective presents a wide range of choices. Luxury may not be conventional always. The luxury sense of a business executive may include a hotel room with 24 hours Wi Fi internet. On the other hand, family vacationers find suites with attached kitchens as the best ideas for luxurious accommodation. There are several luxurious lodging options in Orange County. Again, follow the usual process and head over to a good hotel review site for the place. You can check in the availability and book your room right from the site.
  • Hotels for budget travelers: Definitively, the choice of top 3 hotels in Anaheim are different for the family vacationer and the budget traveler. There are lodgings where you can spend the night at under $50. Again, a good hotel ranking site can come to your great assistance. These websites are truly amazing for the advanced search features.

You can check in hotel amenities or filter the search according to the map. For cheap food, head over to the Orange County Farmers market to get the freshest organic produces of sunny California. Restaurants often run specials, and exciting coupon offers. Kids free eat menu are also available.

  • Decide depending on your itinerary: Set up a perfect itinerary for Anaheim according to your travel plan. If you are out there for fun with friends, find hotels near the happening nightclubs. Check out hotels near the beach when you are a cozy couple looking for a romantic get-together.

Families with kids must check out the hotel deals near Disneyland. The Adventure City is another amazing theme park for the kids. Sports buffs need to book a hotel near the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Check out this fun visitor video to the Adventure City.

There are many great accommodations available at the place, and you can surely find the right one from the top 3 hotels in Anaheim, filtered to your requirements.